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Track Changes Occurred on a Tracking Profile

Every additional component and every component update will reflect in this document.
You can always compare between versions through the document

  • All you need to do is to check "Enable Tracking" and create a "Tracking Profile"
  • Which will save your selections for later generations.
  • You can create as much "Tracking Profiles" as you need.
  • Whenever you create a tracking profile, The tool will save the tracking profile for later use.
  • Later, when you choose a pre-configured tracking profile. The tool will automatically select the entities that were already configured for this tracking profile for consistency.
  • However, you can update the entities selection on a tracking profile.
  • Then, when you press on the generate button. You will be asked for the path of the document that you need to compare with (if not first time)
  • At last, the tool will generate 2 versions.
    • The new generated version
    • The merged version
    • The chosen copy to compare with will remain as it is

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Ramy Victor

Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM Senior Architect

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