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For how long a complex system can survive without documentation?

Maintaining the system as well is a very big challenge.

Nowadays, systems become more and more complex. Over the time new implementations are added, teams rotates. Tough handover times and frustrating hours to get a full overview over the system.

One thing to overcome is to document each and every release. We always skip documentation due to a lot of criteria. We never agree on a template or a certain quality of the document that makes them useless and waste of time.
But how many times we wished for documents written on a system we do not know anything about?

Frustrating hours spent on handovers. However we start implementations even if we do not completely aware of the dependencies that can be affected “DISASTER"
We always wish every time we start on a project to kickoff ASAP but never happened.

Introducing XRM Technical Document Generator (TDG) that can help you with delivering high quality documentations for your company and clients.
If you are a project manager, developer or consultant, you can always generate a document every time and get on track. Boosting your productivity and quality

About the author

Ramy Victor

Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM Senior Architect

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Technical Document Generator

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With our software for Dynamics365, you can ensure that your system information is always in your hands while always seeing relevant master data and key figures for the system directly in documents.